corporate responsibility

Responsible business activity (corporate responsibility) is shown not only in how a company or organization manages themselves (corporate governance), but also in how one maneuvers around the seams of the business environment (corporate social responsibility, CSR for short). This CSR is gaining importance for a growing number of participants in the world market since they are being judged increasingly on their responsible behavior to society and to the environment.

The driving force behind this trend is the growing societal consensus that many issues in the world are approached unjustly and that people are impacting the environment too harshly. The basic idea is that each individual participant must, therefore, commit to an attitude in the market that sticks to social and environmental standards, or even exceeds those which are not legally binding or cannot be enforced. Here, not only politics, but also every individual business, every organization, or even every person, is obligated to play masterfully in the concert consisting of these challenges.

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